Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Spring

Well I am pretty excited for Spring! So I made a wreath to show it. But first of all I just want to say how everyone elses lives seem more exciting than mine! Sometimes I feel like I just go to work and school to the gym once in a while and read everyone's exciting life experience. Kris and I do fun stuff to like we went to a REAL Salt Lake Game last Saturday but other than that we haven't done much recently. I just need to remember to find joy in the little moments and remember that once I graduate, get a job, move somewhere else, have kids it may get exciting for a time but may also get more tiring and not as fun. I love a song that talks about how in life you shouldn't wait for the next station on the train ride, just enjoy the ride.

Anyways I am excited for Spring so here is the wreath I made! I love how fluffy it is and I love the colors.