Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little of this and that!

Howdy all! Not much has really lately since Kris and I mostly just go to work. We did find out we are having a little boy! We are so excited to have him. We are enjoying getting his room ready. We are decorating it in a Lion King theme. I also enjoy buying baby clothes and decorating his bathroom with rubber duckys. I started feeling Meko move around 19 weeks and he moves a lot now. He likes to move late at night around bed time. Kris and some of my family were able to feel him move a little bit last week, but last night kris got to feel him kick really hard. He was really excited about that. The other exciting thing was feeling Meko's hiccups last night. At least I think they were hiccups because they were different than just moving and kicking. Feeling him move keeps me awake but I enjoy feeling him. Kris says it's fine if he keeps me awake now as long as he sleeps well when he is born. Lol Other than that we don't have much to say. We have spent time with both of our families for a couple days at a time. We have gone to a Bees baseball game andthe Days of '47 Rodeo with kris' sister and family. We also went to Seven Peaks last weekend since we have season passes and plan to go again this weekend. I will use more sunscreen though since what I did put on didn't do much. We hope all continues to go well with the pregnancy and we will finish up our summer with fun weddings before kris goes back to school.