Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall at UVU - 2011

Well I am kind of bad at blogging but I had a friend request that I update it so I will...

First of all, I started school and Kris didnt. This is never a good thing because then I just want to sleep in with him instead of going to Macroeconomics. I am happy that I only have three semesters left after this one. Every time I tell people that they say, "You are almost there" or "Wow! You are really close". I dont feel close to being done even though I have less to do than what I have done!
This semester I am taking so interesting classes and some not so fun ones. Macroeconomics is not one of my favorite for a couple of reasons...first of all economics is not really my thing. Second my teacher is very hard to understand mostly because English is his second language (He from the Middle East somewhere) and third because their are really rude people in my class. These rude people take advantage of my teacher being a somewhat shy, not the most street smart kind of guy. They always make rude comments about his teaching style which drive me crazy...I cant think of any right now, but sometimes I just want to turn around and tell them to shutup and quit complaining.
Next is statistics which I thought was going to be as horrible as calculus...Its not mostly because I have a really great teacher that teaches in a way I can understand. He tells us the things we will actually use in real life since he is the kind of guy who has "been there, done that", and the things we just need to know for the test. He also likes to get the class involved, so I feel more like participating, which keeps me focused so I follow what he is saying and give input when I figure things out.
Third is Calculus...I hate calculus and I have no idea when I will ever use it...Even my calc teacher said we will never use it because computers can figure it all out now, we just need to learn to think the way calculus works. Whatever that means. I am pretty sure my teacher for calc just sits at home reply to student emails so we can get help on our online homework problems. Oh and he goes rock climbing and ice climbing and tries to relate it to math. Hes a good guy but as the guy who sits in front of me said yesterday -- "I cross my fingers every day hoping he doesnt come." The main reason for this is because he is a very smart teacher who doesnt know how to teach entry level calc students. nuff said.
Fourth is Organizational Behavior. Some may wonder what this class is even about. Mostly we talk about unethical issues that businessmen/women have made to cause the demise of their corporations, different type of mental issues that leaders can have and how they affect their corporations, what motivates people, and how organizations work together. Its a pretty interesting class mostly because my teacher doesnt just have us read from the book. He is an older gentleman who has "been to a lot of theres, and done a ton of thats" so he tells us about all kinds of people and corporations he has worked with. He also likes to have us take personality test of all sorts.
Fifth is my online Information Systems class. I dont devote enough time to this class so I am not sure what its really about other than how businesses use computers and learning to use them effectively. I just do the homework which is pretty easy. I probably wont take another one again because I dont thing I am getting as much out of it as I would with an in person class. Plus group projects with people I have never met are really hard.
Sixth is "Teahcings of President Monson" at the institute. Pretty much we go and read talks that President Monson has given since he was called to be an apostle. He has some really good talks and so I bring them home and share them with Kris for FHE. I love this class!

Well thats pretty much all about school...Its always interesting and keeps me busy which is why I havent updated this.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Colorado Vacation ~ 7/27-8/1

On August 27th I woke up bright and early to drive out to Colorado to spend time with family and friends. I drove half way in three hours or so and the last half took Kris about four and a half. Now some may say its because I speed but its actually because we stopped a couple of times to eat, use the bathroom, switch drivers, and get gas. There was also more construction through the part that he drove which slowed us down. This drive over I-80 to Colorado is not one of my favorite since I am used to rides about two or three hours to get most places I need to go in UT. We did make it though and have enjoyed our time here.

On Thursday we went to the Denver Temple to do a session with Kris' friend David. Its a beautiful temple but we forgot our camera to take any pictures. Next time though or visit it yourself. While driving to the temple I got to see some of Denver with all of its exciting sights...Elitches aka Six Flags, Coors Field where the Rockies play and the place where the Broncos play too.
Later that night we had wings of all kinds at Davids house with Joseph & Kristen Detro, Kenny Seaver and of course David Perley himself. I didnt eat many wings that night but I saw more consumed that night that I ever have seen in my life. We also made an icecream run because everyone loves ice cream!

Friday most of Kris' family came over for dinner and I got to see most of my nieces and nephews including my new niece Viktoria (Torie). Since I dont have any nieces or nephews on my side having little kids calling me Aunt Megan is kind of funny.

On Saturday we went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival with the above mentioned David, Joseph and Kristen. This time I got to see more of the pretty Colorado mountains. When we got there I realized how big it is and how many people had come and we got there failry early in the morning. As we entered there was a costume rental by the entrance but because it was so hot I dont know how anyone could stand to a hot and heavy dress. At the entrance a King and Queen greeted us and we were in the land of a time long ago with pirates, kings, queens, fairies, unicorns, dragons and sword fights. All of the people running the booths, shops and rides were in full costume as well as many spectators. The shops were filled with everything from costumes, goblets, hair braidders, masks (which I bought one of) to jewelery and decorations. We enjoyed watching the Vegtable Justice (A guy got tomatoes thrown at him and he insulted the throwers, an acrobat show, riding an elaphant and petting its rough ear and trunk, getting dressed up like a king and queen to take a picture, watching a Jousting competition, and watching a magician as well as looking through the shops.

After leaving the Festival Kris and I went to downtown Denver where we at at a combined Pizza Hut/Taco Bell. While there a guy was trying to sell a walker to random old people... Then we walked through the 16th Street Mall which is a mostly outdoor mall spanning the length of six or so blocks along 16th street. Then we rode the bus back up to the top of the street and went to the State Capitol where I found out why Denver is called Mile High City...The capitol is a mile above see level. Then we walked around the Civic Center Park where there are squirrels running all over, they have a stadium and several different statues. By this time though our camera was dead so we didnt get any pictures.

When we got home Kris pointed out my sunburnt chest...the only place I hadnt put sunscreen on. Luckily it isnt to bad.

Sunday we went to Church where the speakers talked about service and the combined Relief Society and Priesthood was about emergency preparedness...So get prepared like a Boy Scout! During Sunday school we were in the Library with Kris' Mom talking to the bishop. Later in the afternoon Kris pulled out his hundreds of sports cards that I never knew he had. He spent hours going through them. I learn new things about him every day!

It has been a lot of fun! and I will put on pictures soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In the Kitchen with Tiffany and Megan

This weekend Tiffany Rasmussen drove all the way from Roosevelt to come visit Kris and I. We had many adventures over the weekend, one being making Sunday dinner. I bought some cheese ravioli a while back but didnt know what to do with them so I googled it, of course. I found a couple different conversations left by people on cooking sites about what to do with ravioli. On both of them people suggested covering the ravioli in bread crumbs, then frying them in oil and serving them with marinara sauce. This sounded good to me so I decided to try it.

I couldnt find any bread crumbs at the store so I bought stuffing mix and smashed it up with my meat tenderizer, then coated the ravioli in egg and placed them in the oil. Tiffany watched over the little ravioli, turning them when needed and removing them when done. We also made some meatballs (okay mine were premaid but we had to cook them in the oven) and served them with the ravioli.

It turned out delicious and I didnt even have to make Kris eat the last ravioli that was left

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eating with the Gossetts

As many of you know I dont cook often, and so Kris picks up the slack, ecspecially on Sundays. I often come up with the recipe and buy the food the somehow push it all over to Kris. He is sweet about it and recently made some excellent Pulled Pork Burritos. I figured I would share the recipe because they are so good.

Mexican Pulled Pork Soft Tacos

1 Med onion, coarsely chopped
1 3.5 to 5 lb pork shoulder roast
1 medium green pepper, diced
1 15- oz can jalapeno flavored diced tomatoes
1 1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 1/2 tsp oregano or italian seasoning
1/2 tsp cayenne red pepper
1 4-oz can diced green chiles (mild)
1 6-oz can tomato paste
1/2 Cup water
1 15-oz can corn kernels, drained
1 15-oz can black beans, rinsed and drained

In slow cooker layer chopped onion, pork roast and sweet peppers. In medium bolw, combine all ingredients except corn, beans and tortillas. Pour evenly over mixture in slow cooker. Cover cooker and cook on high 5 1/2 hours. Add corn and beans during the last 30 mins. Pull meat apart with two forks and place into warmed tortillas; top with cheese and lettuce if desired. Roll and pour liquid over tacos to smother them.

This made a ton, so share it with those you love!

Tonight I made bannana bread because I always buy more bannanas than Kris and I can eat before they go bad. I have three loaves now so come get it if you want some.

Adventures in Lava Hot Springs: Kris, Captain; Megan, 2nd in Command

So this summer we have decided that we want to enjoy our time as a married couple and take advantage of having the weekends off so for our first adventure Kris staked out LAVA HOT SPRINGS in Idaho. He made reservations at the Home Hotel just .2 miles away from the Hot Springs and the next day we were off.

I was expecting a little bit bigger town, and open lava pools around the springs but Lava Hot Springs is what it is. A small town with a state run facility that has several nice pools that are somehow heated by lava underground and then the water comes up and is filtered into the different pools, I guess. (I am not a geologist.) The pools have no chemicals, only minerals that are healing. In the area are lava rock covered in mineral deposits, which I thought was cool. There was also one small natural pool that they had gated off. There are five man made pools but one is so hot people dont stay in it long. Some of the pools have small pebbles, instead of flagstone bottons and bubbles come up through the bottom, which is kind of cool. I enjoyed the pools the most in the evening after it had cooled down and I am sure it would be a fun place to visit in the winter when its really cold.

Most of our time was spent in the Hot Springs but we also spent time eating and at the indoor pool in town that was a normal temperature. The first place we ate for dinner was a pizza joint in town that had a big room filled with old style boxes and cans for various popular food products, a frame filled with various types of barbwire and a name for each type and mirrors with different beer adds. There was one waitress and only a couple of customers during dinner time and we were told to sit anywhere we wanted. The food was good, although a bit expensive for just being good.

The next morning we ate at Johnnys Cafe, formerly know as Silver Line Grill, (or something close to that) but after burning down and having to move the restraunt several times they changed the name, maybe to have better luck. When we came in we were again told to sit anywhere we pleased, but this time there were two waitresses, a cook and another girl that just seemed to talk behind the bar but still just a few customers. Again the food was good, although my belgium waffle was a little flat to be called a really good, thick and fluffy belgium waffle, and once again kind of expensive. I guess that is what happens in a small tourist town.

At the pool we played in the water and Kris climbed the rock was on the edge of the pool. It seemed that the pool is the one thing kids in the small town had to do since there were many there that day.

At the end of the day it all came down to the HOME HOTEL, an old hotel probably built in the 1940's or earlier that had since been remodled and had some extra rooms added onto the property in the 90's. The room Kris picked out had a nice king size bed, smallish oval tub that filled with mineral water from a well right behind the hotel and some art work by a famouse Architect of the late 1800's. It was comfortable and cozy and because it had been remodled it didnt have the smell of an old building, like the hallways and lobby did.

Overall we enjoyed ourselves a lot, got some sunburns and would like to return again with family or friends. But if you ever go watch out for the small snakes. One almost scared me to death near the river!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kris and I went to Moab with Kris' sister Jessica, her husband Chad and kids Cody and Taylor. Their friends JJ and Stephanie and daughter Brianna had come with them too. We didnt have a tent so we stayed in JJ's large tent and used some of Jessica's sleeping bags. The first night we made hobo dinners and felt like hobbos gathered around the flame cuz it was windy and cold. Luckily Saturday was nice and warm!

We had a lot of fun hiking to the various arches and hiking through Fiery Furnace. It is a bunch of narrow caynons that mostly went no where. At one point we came to a dead end unless we climbed a 15 ft cliff. Luckily we had a rope so the guys climbed up then pulled the rest of us girls up.

I wore sunscreen so I didnt get burnt, but also no tan... :(

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching up since we got married...

Married life is crazy hectic! After our wedding on Dec 11, we had a wonderful reception in Roosevelt, then a perfect Honeymoon in a little mountain town in Colorado, and we finished the wedding activities with another wonderful reception in Longmont. In between the wedding and our honeymoon we had to finish finals which wasn't ideal but we made it through! When we got back from Longmont we finished setting up our home and started school again. At that time I was working at Ross and Kris was working at Ross and APX. In February APX changed their name to Vivint (Viv is french for live and the int stands for intelligantly) and I got a job there do customer support like Kris. I quit Ross soon after that and Kris is going down to working only once in a while there for the discount. he he
We love being married, living with our two tuxedo cats, Captian Jack and Missy. Kris cooks a lot for me but I am being better at making grocery lists, buying food and making good meals. I ask my mom for recipes all of the time cuz she has the good ones that I love!
Right now I am just finishing up finals and loving spring time, although it was snowing when I left for my test this morning. I hope the warm weather will takeover soon! I did plant some lillies and daisies in march and they are sprouted and are growing well. Kris had some doubts...

Ward Easter Activity

Being newlyweds and all Kris and I are experiancing a Family Ward from a different perspective. We both were given callings; Kris as the Secretary in YM's and me as the 1st Counselor in the Primary Presidency.
For Easter the Primary did a Easter Party for the ward. I had a lot of fun planning the activity and enjoy time with my new ward. We had a potluck lunch, Easter egg hunt, 3-legged race, sack race, and and egg on a spoon race. Kris and I even won a 3-legged race together! The funniest thing was a little three year old girl named Sara. She wanted so bad to do the 3-legged race so we finally found a little boy her age to do it with. They tried hard but fell down and the little boy got out of the tie and ran to the finish line. Gotta love little kids.

Date Night in Orem

Since Kris and I got married in December we have been super busy with school and work and our conflicting schedule. We try to get date nights in every week but they are often a movie at home with the cats. One night a couple of weeks ago it was a nice warm evening so I wanted to go out and do something. I have Spring fever and being stuck in my apt doesnt help. I suggested we go eat at Carrabbas, an Italian place in Orem, for dinner. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, but the portions were smaller than the Olive Garden and Glorias Little Italy so we probably won't go back. (Kris needs as much food as he can get.) After that we went mini-golfing at Cascade Golf Course. During my years in college I have gotten better so I beat Kris! I never beat him at anything so I think his manlyness can take it. After mini-golf I suggested icecream. I love the stuff pretty much any time, any where. We grabbed cones from Dairy Queen then went and walked around the river with ducks on BYU campus. Theres just something about cute little waddling ducks that I love, plus it was so nice to actually be out and about in the nice weather. After walking the length of the river we went and visited the BYU Art Museum. I have been there several times for classes but Kris, our scholarly BYU student had never been. They had some pretty cool displays. The first was onWar Ads dating from WWI up to today. Did you know there are artist groups against both past and present wars? The second one was a large group of landscape paintings done by many artist. The third was a group of photographs called Three Mormon Towns (I think) The towns were St. George and two other really small towns that may not even exist any more. The pictures were taken just after the great depression and were showing how the two smaller towns were shrinking and St. George was growing. The last one was done by an artist who uses books to create his art. He had book bindings and covers made into art. He also had made a statue of books. He had taken books and magazines of all kinds and stacked them in a kind of messed up square shape. It was probably nine feet across and twenty feet high. We thought it very impressive, I just wonder whats holding all of those books together.
After our adventure Kris was very worn out so I took him home and let him choose a movie to watch.
Ta-da! A Gossett Date Night!