Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching up since we got married...

Married life is crazy hectic! After our wedding on Dec 11, we had a wonderful reception in Roosevelt, then a perfect Honeymoon in a little mountain town in Colorado, and we finished the wedding activities with another wonderful reception in Longmont. In between the wedding and our honeymoon we had to finish finals which wasn't ideal but we made it through! When we got back from Longmont we finished setting up our home and started school again. At that time I was working at Ross and Kris was working at Ross and APX. In February APX changed their name to Vivint (Viv is french for live and the int stands for intelligantly) and I got a job there do customer support like Kris. I quit Ross soon after that and Kris is going down to working only once in a while there for the discount. he he
We love being married, living with our two tuxedo cats, Captian Jack and Missy. Kris cooks a lot for me but I am being better at making grocery lists, buying food and making good meals. I ask my mom for recipes all of the time cuz she has the good ones that I love!
Right now I am just finishing up finals and loving spring time, although it was snowing when I left for my test this morning. I hope the warm weather will takeover soon! I did plant some lillies and daisies in march and they are sprouted and are growing well. Kris had some doubts...

Ward Easter Activity

Being newlyweds and all Kris and I are experiancing a Family Ward from a different perspective. We both were given callings; Kris as the Secretary in YM's and me as the 1st Counselor in the Primary Presidency.
For Easter the Primary did a Easter Party for the ward. I had a lot of fun planning the activity and enjoy time with my new ward. We had a potluck lunch, Easter egg hunt, 3-legged race, sack race, and and egg on a spoon race. Kris and I even won a 3-legged race together! The funniest thing was a little three year old girl named Sara. She wanted so bad to do the 3-legged race so we finally found a little boy her age to do it with. They tried hard but fell down and the little boy got out of the tie and ran to the finish line. Gotta love little kids.

Date Night in Orem

Since Kris and I got married in December we have been super busy with school and work and our conflicting schedule. We try to get date nights in every week but they are often a movie at home with the cats. One night a couple of weeks ago it was a nice warm evening so I wanted to go out and do something. I have Spring fever and being stuck in my apt doesnt help. I suggested we go eat at Carrabbas, an Italian place in Orem, for dinner. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, but the portions were smaller than the Olive Garden and Glorias Little Italy so we probably won't go back. (Kris needs as much food as he can get.) After that we went mini-golfing at Cascade Golf Course. During my years in college I have gotten better so I beat Kris! I never beat him at anything so I think his manlyness can take it. After mini-golf I suggested icecream. I love the stuff pretty much any time, any where. We grabbed cones from Dairy Queen then went and walked around the river with ducks on BYU campus. Theres just something about cute little waddling ducks that I love, plus it was so nice to actually be out and about in the nice weather. After walking the length of the river we went and visited the BYU Art Museum. I have been there several times for classes but Kris, our scholarly BYU student had never been. They had some pretty cool displays. The first was onWar Ads dating from WWI up to today. Did you know there are artist groups against both past and present wars? The second one was a large group of landscape paintings done by many artist. The third was a group of photographs called Three Mormon Towns (I think) The towns were St. George and two other really small towns that may not even exist any more. The pictures were taken just after the great depression and were showing how the two smaller towns were shrinking and St. George was growing. The last one was done by an artist who uses books to create his art. He had book bindings and covers made into art. He also had made a statue of books. He had taken books and magazines of all kinds and stacked them in a kind of messed up square shape. It was probably nine feet across and twenty feet high. We thought it very impressive, I just wonder whats holding all of those books together.
After our adventure Kris was very worn out so I took him home and let him choose a movie to watch.
Ta-da! A Gossett Date Night!