Sunday, January 20, 2013

The end is near...pregnancy style!

After we found out we were having a boy everything got busier and more exciting. I also got a lot more uncomfortable and sick! I was still working at A to Z Building blocks and towards the end of August I moved to the baby room. The plan was for me take Dax with me to work but that ended up not working out. It was fun though and I got some good experience taking care of newborns. Kris started Fall semester and continued to work at Vivint. Towards the end of October or beginning of November he ended up back on the phones, which he dislikes greatly but still does to support us. He will hopefully be off the phones again when sales pick up and they need someone else doing refunds and such again. In August, Catherine started planning my baby shower to be held in October! The baby shower turned out awesome with good food, friends, family and wonderful gifts for Baby Meko! By October I was feeling huge and having a lot of sciatic nerve pain. Working at the day care chasing 1 yr olds and being down on the floor a lot seemed to help keep me in shape and stretch me out, which was great when in came time to deliver. By the beginning of November I had started to dilate and become effaced which got me even more excited and brought hope that he might come a little early! I also got very sick from my lactose intolerance being intensified. I could eat small portions of dairy each day but drank soy milk instead of dairy milk. I worked up until November 16th and just the last week did I get cranky and complainy (according to my co-workers). The last week before I had him I enjoyed sleeping in and did a little cleaning. I was not one of those mothers that had the "nesting" instinct. I had to make myself clean. The weekend before Dax was born, Kris' Mom came to town. We had planned to have Thanksgiving at our house since we figured he would be born close to Thanksgiving and we wouldn't want to go anywhere. This also gave our parents the chance to see him soon after he was born. My Mom and sister, Aryn, came to town on Monday and my Dad came in on Wednesday. Wednesday night we all went to Gardner Village in the Salt Lake Valley to walk around and enjoy some window shopping. We also went to dinner together at an Apollo Burger. I was huge and uncomfortable! Little did I know that the next day I would have my baby!