Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 things going on with the Gossetts

Here are the 5 most exciting things going on with us right now! 

 1. Dax is a fun loving kid and learns new things every day. He likes to blow kisses, play with any ball he can get his hands on, and feed himself by taking bites instead of having it torn up for him. Torn food is thrown on the floor most of the time. We have to watch him though so he doesn't stuff to much food in his mouth. He has also learned to do without a binki! This kind of makes me sad but also happy. He was so cute with his binki and how he would share it with me when I would ask for it, but at the same time I don't have to search for it before nap time, it doesn't get thrown around the store and he talks so much more to us without it! So Dax is doing great and we love every minute with him! 

 2. Graduation is creeping closer and closer! I graduate May 2nd and Kris graduates April 25! We are both so excited to be done with school (at least for now) and can't wait to not buy any more text books. 

 3. Kris got a promotion at work! This means that we will be staying in Provo for at least another year. After that we may move to Colorado so Kris can go to grad school or we may do something else. Who knows? 

4. I am doing my internship at the Best Western Mountain View Inn in Springville. This is exciting because I will be able to finish college and graduate. Its not exciting because it gets lonely and there is only so much to look at on Facebook, pinterest and blogs before I just want to do something else. I do need to read more since my sweet husband got me a book for Christmas that I haven't started yet, but reading at work isn't the cozy, snuggle up in footie pajamas and drink hot chocolate kind of reading. Its arched back in an uncomfortable chair kind of thing. Anyways back on topic...I do enjoy it for the fact that I meat tons of great people from all over, even from East Carbon and Australia. We also get tons of Canadians going down south. Lucky guys! eh. p.s. if you ever need a place to stay I can get you a friends and family discount. 

 5. We have enjoyed having Aryn and Mom stay with us for the past little while so they can watch Dax while I work and our normal babysitter, Kim, has been taking care of her new baby. We have been able to do fun stuff like get Aryn to laugh really hard and make cute skirts! Dax will probably go crazy having to put up with just me all day after they leave this week. 

 Bonus 6. I have had 3 friends have babies in the past month.  Go ladies! New babies are so wonderful and beautiful! I just love to cuddle little babies!!