Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching up since we got married...

Married life is crazy hectic! After our wedding on Dec 11, we had a wonderful reception in Roosevelt, then a perfect Honeymoon in a little mountain town in Colorado, and we finished the wedding activities with another wonderful reception in Longmont. In between the wedding and our honeymoon we had to finish finals which wasn't ideal but we made it through! When we got back from Longmont we finished setting up our home and started school again. At that time I was working at Ross and Kris was working at Ross and APX. In February APX changed their name to Vivint (Viv is french for live and the int stands for intelligantly) and I got a job there do customer support like Kris. I quit Ross soon after that and Kris is going down to working only once in a while there for the discount. he he
We love being married, living with our two tuxedo cats, Captian Jack and Missy. Kris cooks a lot for me but I am being better at making grocery lists, buying food and making good meals. I ask my mom for recipes all of the time cuz she has the good ones that I love!
Right now I am just finishing up finals and loving spring time, although it was snowing when I left for my test this morning. I hope the warm weather will takeover soon! I did plant some lillies and daisies in march and they are sprouted and are growing well. Kris had some doubts...

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