Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall at UVU - 2011

Well I am kind of bad at blogging but I had a friend request that I update it so I will...

First of all, I started school and Kris didnt. This is never a good thing because then I just want to sleep in with him instead of going to Macroeconomics. I am happy that I only have three semesters left after this one. Every time I tell people that they say, "You are almost there" or "Wow! You are really close". I dont feel close to being done even though I have less to do than what I have done!
This semester I am taking so interesting classes and some not so fun ones. Macroeconomics is not one of my favorite for a couple of reasons...first of all economics is not really my thing. Second my teacher is very hard to understand mostly because English is his second language (He from the Middle East somewhere) and third because their are really rude people in my class. These rude people take advantage of my teacher being a somewhat shy, not the most street smart kind of guy. They always make rude comments about his teaching style which drive me crazy...I cant think of any right now, but sometimes I just want to turn around and tell them to shutup and quit complaining.
Next is statistics which I thought was going to be as horrible as calculus...Its not mostly because I have a really great teacher that teaches in a way I can understand. He tells us the things we will actually use in real life since he is the kind of guy who has "been there, done that", and the things we just need to know for the test. He also likes to get the class involved, so I feel more like participating, which keeps me focused so I follow what he is saying and give input when I figure things out.
Third is Calculus...I hate calculus and I have no idea when I will ever use it...Even my calc teacher said we will never use it because computers can figure it all out now, we just need to learn to think the way calculus works. Whatever that means. I am pretty sure my teacher for calc just sits at home reply to student emails so we can get help on our online homework problems. Oh and he goes rock climbing and ice climbing and tries to relate it to math. Hes a good guy but as the guy who sits in front of me said yesterday -- "I cross my fingers every day hoping he doesnt come." The main reason for this is because he is a very smart teacher who doesnt know how to teach entry level calc students. nuff said.
Fourth is Organizational Behavior. Some may wonder what this class is even about. Mostly we talk about unethical issues that businessmen/women have made to cause the demise of their corporations, different type of mental issues that leaders can have and how they affect their corporations, what motivates people, and how organizations work together. Its a pretty interesting class mostly because my teacher doesnt just have us read from the book. He is an older gentleman who has "been to a lot of theres, and done a ton of thats" so he tells us about all kinds of people and corporations he has worked with. He also likes to have us take personality test of all sorts.
Fifth is my online Information Systems class. I dont devote enough time to this class so I am not sure what its really about other than how businesses use computers and learning to use them effectively. I just do the homework which is pretty easy. I probably wont take another one again because I dont thing I am getting as much out of it as I would with an in person class. Plus group projects with people I have never met are really hard.
Sixth is "Teahcings of President Monson" at the institute. Pretty much we go and read talks that President Monson has given since he was called to be an apostle. He has some really good talks and so I bring them home and share them with Kris for FHE. I love this class!

Well thats pretty much all about school...Its always interesting and keeps me busy which is why I havent updated this.

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  1. Thanks for taking my request and updating me on your busy life! It fun to read what friends are doing, especially those I haven't seen for ages.