Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Colorado Vacation ~ 7/27-8/1

On August 27th I woke up bright and early to drive out to Colorado to spend time with family and friends. I drove half way in three hours or so and the last half took Kris about four and a half. Now some may say its because I speed but its actually because we stopped a couple of times to eat, use the bathroom, switch drivers, and get gas. There was also more construction through the part that he drove which slowed us down. This drive over I-80 to Colorado is not one of my favorite since I am used to rides about two or three hours to get most places I need to go in UT. We did make it though and have enjoyed our time here.

On Thursday we went to the Denver Temple to do a session with Kris' friend David. Its a beautiful temple but we forgot our camera to take any pictures. Next time though or visit it yourself. While driving to the temple I got to see some of Denver with all of its exciting sights...Elitches aka Six Flags, Coors Field where the Rockies play and the place where the Broncos play too.
Later that night we had wings of all kinds at Davids house with Joseph & Kristen Detro, Kenny Seaver and of course David Perley himself. I didnt eat many wings that night but I saw more consumed that night that I ever have seen in my life. We also made an icecream run because everyone loves ice cream!

Friday most of Kris' family came over for dinner and I got to see most of my nieces and nephews including my new niece Viktoria (Torie). Since I dont have any nieces or nephews on my side having little kids calling me Aunt Megan is kind of funny.

On Saturday we went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival with the above mentioned David, Joseph and Kristen. This time I got to see more of the pretty Colorado mountains. When we got there I realized how big it is and how many people had come and we got there failry early in the morning. As we entered there was a costume rental by the entrance but because it was so hot I dont know how anyone could stand to a hot and heavy dress. At the entrance a King and Queen greeted us and we were in the land of a time long ago with pirates, kings, queens, fairies, unicorns, dragons and sword fights. All of the people running the booths, shops and rides were in full costume as well as many spectators. The shops were filled with everything from costumes, goblets, hair braidders, masks (which I bought one of) to jewelery and decorations. We enjoyed watching the Vegtable Justice (A guy got tomatoes thrown at him and he insulted the throwers, an acrobat show, riding an elaphant and petting its rough ear and trunk, getting dressed up like a king and queen to take a picture, watching a Jousting competition, and watching a magician as well as looking through the shops.

After leaving the Festival Kris and I went to downtown Denver where we at at a combined Pizza Hut/Taco Bell. While there a guy was trying to sell a walker to random old people... Then we walked through the 16th Street Mall which is a mostly outdoor mall spanning the length of six or so blocks along 16th street. Then we rode the bus back up to the top of the street and went to the State Capitol where I found out why Denver is called Mile High City...The capitol is a mile above see level. Then we walked around the Civic Center Park where there are squirrels running all over, they have a stadium and several different statues. By this time though our camera was dead so we didnt get any pictures.

When we got home Kris pointed out my sunburnt chest...the only place I hadnt put sunscreen on. Luckily it isnt to bad.

Sunday we went to Church where the speakers talked about service and the combined Relief Society and Priesthood was about emergency preparedness...So get prepared like a Boy Scout! During Sunday school we were in the Library with Kris' Mom talking to the bishop. Later in the afternoon Kris pulled out his hundreds of sports cards that I never knew he had. He spent hours going through them. I learn new things about him every day!

It has been a lot of fun! and I will put on pictures soon.

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