Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kris and I went to Moab with Kris' sister Jessica, her husband Chad and kids Cody and Taylor. Their friends JJ and Stephanie and daughter Brianna had come with them too. We didnt have a tent so we stayed in JJ's large tent and used some of Jessica's sleeping bags. The first night we made hobo dinners and felt like hobbos gathered around the flame cuz it was windy and cold. Luckily Saturday was nice and warm!

We had a lot of fun hiking to the various arches and hiking through Fiery Furnace. It is a bunch of narrow caynons that mostly went no where. At one point we came to a dead end unless we climbed a 15 ft cliff. Luckily we had a rope so the guys climbed up then pulled the rest of us girls up.

I wore sunscreen so I didnt get burnt, but also no tan... :(

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