Sunday, June 5, 2011

In the Kitchen with Tiffany and Megan

This weekend Tiffany Rasmussen drove all the way from Roosevelt to come visit Kris and I. We had many adventures over the weekend, one being making Sunday dinner. I bought some cheese ravioli a while back but didnt know what to do with them so I googled it, of course. I found a couple different conversations left by people on cooking sites about what to do with ravioli. On both of them people suggested covering the ravioli in bread crumbs, then frying them in oil and serving them with marinara sauce. This sounded good to me so I decided to try it.

I couldnt find any bread crumbs at the store so I bought stuffing mix and smashed it up with my meat tenderizer, then coated the ravioli in egg and placed them in the oil. Tiffany watched over the little ravioli, turning them when needed and removing them when done. We also made some meatballs (okay mine were premaid but we had to cook them in the oven) and served them with the ravioli.

It turned out delicious and I didnt even have to make Kris eat the last ravioli that was left